Zimbabwe Youth at Berkeley Creates Free Online Coding Classes to Help Others Get Similar Scholarships – Good News Network

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Having been inspired by an introductory coding and computer science class at Berkeley, a young man from Zimbabwe is replicating his experience for talented students in his home country—launching their academic journeys into schools like Northwestern and Stanford.

Like many young Zimbabweans, Eric Khumalo didn’t have a lot of options, even for a curious mind like…….

Coding Changed My Life, and It Can Change Yours Too! | MichiganSportsZone.com – Michigan Sports Zone

While I always had a knack for school and always did enough to stay on top and get by, my interest in computers and video games started dominating my life. From my teenage years to adolescence, I conditioned myself to enjoy my hobbies without restrictions. Only as I reached adulthood did I realize that my obsession with video games has morphed into addiction and stripped me of any ambiti…….

Iranian hackers targeting Israel using ultra-exploitable coding flaw — experts – The Times of Israel

A hacking group identified with the Iranian regime is using a computer vulnerability called one of the worst ever seen to attack Israeli targets, a cybersecurity firm said Wednesday.

Governments and internet security experts have raised alarms over the flaw, known as Log4j, which lets internet-based attackers easily seize control of everything from industrial control systems to web…….

Dubai Is Bait in War for Coding Talent Fought by Israel Startups – Bloomberg

One of Israel’s fastest-growing technology firms is opening a Dubai office to lure international talent as a way around the chronic labor shortage plaguing the industry at home.

Rapyd, a payments firm that twice raised $300 million in funding rounds this year, started a large advertising campaign this week targeting coders in eastern Europe open to relocating to the Middle East financia…….

Rabbids Coding App Partners With Digital Schoolhouse For Free Learning Project – Nintendo Life

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Rabbids Coding is a free app launched back in 2019 by Ubisoft, which can be downloaded for free on PC or mobile. In essence a puzzle game, it offers a learning experience to budding young programmers as you construct commands to the Rabbids to get them through a number of stages.

It’s now been confirmed that Ubisoft has teamed up with UK-based program…….

Where Is Coding Headed? 7 Trends For 2022 And Beyond – Forbes

Programmer’s glasses show code lines


As the year draws to a close, it is a good time to consider where different technologies are going and what we can expect not just next year but in the years that follow. As part of my recent adventures in EdTech, I have had a chance to consider where the world of coding is going, how the industry sees codin…….

Oyster River Hosts Districtwide Coding and Cocoa Event – John Guilfoil Public Relations LLC

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DURHAM – Superintendent James Morse is pleased to share that students throughout the Oyster River Cooperative School District participated in the inaugural Coding and Cocoa event last week. 

Coding and Cocoa, held on Wednesday, Dec. 8, was Oyster River’s first districtwide coding event, with all 1,450 students taking part in a variety of Hour of Code activit…….

Sewing, rock erosion and coding: How some elementary students are learning about computer science – Lookout Santa Cruz

Second-grade students in Katy Scowcroft’s classroom at Gault Elementary School held smooth, black rocks or rough, grey rocks in their hands last Wednesday morning.

They fidgeted on the ground and whispered to each other as Scowcroft asked the entire classroom, “What do you notice? What do you wonder?”

She had just finished explaining the big question for the day’s science la…….

Don’t Get Bugged by Coding Tests – Built In Chicago

There are mixed opinions about coding tests for job interviews. 

Some developers are opposed to coding tests because they are incredibly time-consuming — or the test is irrelevant to the position — and others are hesitant to do labor for a company that may not employ them. While these are legitimate concerns, a good coding test has more pros than cons for both t…….