Google Glass Is Back. Here’s Why It May Stick Around This Time. – The Motley Fool

Alphabet’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google has officially brought back Google Glass after a pretty spectacular failure in the consumer space just two years ago. Apparently, people don’t want cameras constantly pointed at their faces and to never know whether they’re being recorded. 

But unbeknownst to nearly everyone besides Google and a few companies, the tech leader quietly repurp…….

The new Google Glass headset is better, faster, less dorky – Wareable

Google has announced the next iteration of its Glass smart glasses, the Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Like the previous Enterprise edition, the new glasses aren’t made for general consumers but specifically for business use.

Google says the new Glass is faster, running on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 chip, which is made especially for VR and AR products. However Google Glass is more what w…….

Microsoft HoloLens Vs. Google Glass: No Comparison – InformationWeek

Windows 10: 7 Pressing Questions For Microsoft

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Microsoft’s HoloLens made a splashy debut at last week’s Windows 10 press conference. Observing the wireless demonstration of Windows Holographic was akin to watching a science fiction movie, as its wearer created a model UFO by shifting images around in midair.

Skeptics in the tech world, …….

Google Glass helps kids with autism read facial expressions – Stanford Medical Center Report

Typically developing children learn to recognize emotions by engaging with people around them. For children with autism, it’s different. “They don’t pick those things up without focused treatment,” Wall said.

In the study, 14 families tested the Superpower Glass setup at home for an average of 10 weeks each. Each family had a child between the ages of 3 and 17 with a clinica…….

Google Glass Gets a New Direction – Wall Street Journal

Google Inc. is halting individual sales of its wearable Glass and borrowing a page from Apple Inc.’s playbook by developing the next generation of the controversial device out of the limelight that hurt the first version.

Glass is moving from the Google X research lab to be a standalone unit. Glass chief Ivy Ross will report to Tony Fadell, the chief executive o…….

Google Glass Picks Up Early Signal: Keep Out – New York Times

SAN FRANCISCO — Google’s wearable computer, the most anticipated piece of electronic wizardry since the iPad and iPhone, will not go on sale for many months.

But the resistance is already under way.

The glasseslike device, which allows users to access the Internet, take photos and film short sni…….

TeamViewer Partners with Google Cloud to Deliver Enterprise Augmented Reality Solutions on Google Glass – PRNewswire

Carrie Tharp, VP Retail & Consumer at Google Cloud: “Shopping behavior has dramatically changed, especially in the current pandemic, and retailers are having to hire new associates while rethinking their picking and fulfillment processes.  Retailers are looking for off-the-shelf technology they can implement today that will also prepare them for long term success as they develop new appro…….

Google Glass Was Ugly, but Facebook’s AR Baseball Hat Might Actually Be Worse – Gizmodo Australia

Definitely one of many largest hurdles for augmented actuality mannequins is design: Nophysique Desires to put on an apparent gadget on their face. Realising The factors Google Glass had with gaining shopper traction, it seems Fb might embrace A singular design for a future put onable. People, it’s a baseball hat.

In a patent that was initially filed again in 2019 And finally reveale…….