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PANAJI: A coding competition has been launched by the directorate of technical education to motivate students undergoing the new information communications & technology (ICT) syllabus in Class VI, VII and VIII.
The directorate’s project management unit (PMU) which manages the coding and robotics education scheme across schools in Goa has launched the competition with the objective of providing students a platform to express their creativity through new concepts being taught at schools.
The PMU has also organised a five-day live training session from November 9 to 13 from 3pm-4pm via YouTube live to help the children improve skills whil participating in the contest. Parents have also been asked to enrol kids for the competition via Assistance will also be provided by school computer teachers to help with the registration.
The competition is being held in collaboration with the directorate of education and state council for educational research & training (SCERT).
Coding is known to help school-going children develop skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and decomposition, by breaking down overall tasks into simpler, smaller units.
Coding and robotics were introduced this academic year in the school syllabus as the skills acquired were seen as being extremely beneficial to become future-ready. This specific coding contest strives to give an opportunity to students to use geometric shapes to creatively depict solutions.
Around 400 government and aided high schools in the state have introduced the new coding and robotics programme for close to 20,000 students from Class VI to VIII. Approximately 540 school computer teachers across the state are involved in teaching the programme. It is the first robotics syllabus to be formally taught in schools in any state in the country.


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