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TORONTO, Nov. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Coding For Veterans Career Caravan will be rolling into its final stop in Toronto at the Toronto Stock Exchange to ring the bell to open the stock market on Remembrance Day, Nov 11 th , 2021.

This will mark the last stop after travelling over 8,000 kms from coast to coast, visiting over 25+ communities and talking with over 250 military veterans since the Career Caravan tour launched in Ottawa on Sept 10 th , 2021.  

The goal of the Coding for Veterans (C4V) program is to harness the skills and experiences of veterans who have served our country by training them for second, well-paying civilian careers as software and cyber-security professionals.  


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In keeping with the spirit of Remembrance Day , there is no better way to honour the sacrifice that the men and women in our military have given then by providing an opportunity for each individual to establish a career in a rapidly growing sector like Canada’s tech industry.

As part of our tour, we are also bringing awareness to Canadian companies of the value that the retired men and women from our armed forces bring to their organizations when looking to hire.

“They served us all with dedication and sacrifice during their military career and now we are providing them an opportunity to help fill the urgent skills-shortage in the IT sector, which is causing a critical drag on the Canadian economy” says Jeff Musson, Executive Director of Coding For Veterans. “Veterans feel they can still serve our country but their duty has now moved from the battlefield to cyberspace.”


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The program has expanded this year to include military spouses and family members among its students. Most recently, to support the resettlement of those citizens of Afghanistan who served alongside our troops, C4V has opened the program to allow Afghan interpreters who can safely immigrate to Canada, to enroll and retrain for tech sector jobs alongside the CAF members they once served beside.

It’s estimated that nearly 150-thousand software and cyber-security positions in this country could go unfilled in the next couple of years. The Coding For Veterans Career Caravan is COVID-19 compliant, meaning veterans will be able to safely receive invaluable career advice in person.

Coding For Veterans is an intensive 8-month online program offered in partnership with the University of Ottawa that provides graduating military veterans with job-ready training and certification in the areas of software development and cyber security. For those CAF veterans …….


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