At its most basic level, programming is communication. Computers will do exactly what you tell them as long as you speak their language – but as professional coders already know, one language isn’t enough. The more platforms and languages you know, the more your resume stands out in the fast-growing tech sector. That’s why the 2023 Premium Learn to Code Certification Bundle is a fantastic way to kick off any programming career.

In terms of volume alone, this e-learning package is impressive. You get more than 240 hours of lessons and tutorials spread through 14 courses that cover today’s most in-demand coding languages and development platforms. More importantly, they’re taught by some real elites in the world of software development – veteran coders like PythonHow founder Ardit Sulce and teachers from Mammoth interactive.

In the bundle, you’ll get everything from complete beginner’s courses in Java to full-stack master classes in web development. You can learn the basics and then pick your specialty with dedicated lessons on RealityKit AR dev protocols, Ruby on Rails 6, and Google Go. There are several classes on Python 3 (a must for any modern programmer’s resume), and you’ll learn it in some truly engaging ways. One course has you build a medical diagnosis bot from the ground up, while another gives you blueprints for geocoding apps and web scrapers.

The timing has never been better to start learning with these courses – and not just because of the red-hot job market. Right now, the bundle is part of an “Every Friday is Black Friday” promo where you can find early holiday price drops on hardware, software, and e-learning. While availability lasts, you can now get the full 2023 Learn to Code Certification Bundle for $24.99, down $15 from the previous sale price.


The 2023 Premium Learn to Code Certification Bundle – $39.99

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